Pinkie QT

Pinkie QT is a vactrol based dynamic tremolo effect. An envelope follower and Q filter is built into its anatomy which can be blended in for a more exotic tremolo or used independently for a wah-like effect. The filter can also be controlled by the tremolo's low frequency oscillator (LFO) for a Q based tonal sweep. There is also an option to control the LFO rate with your playing dynamics using the envelope follower. Finally, a generous amount of pre filter gain can be added to your sound with an additional 24db of boost available on the output to push your amplifier if required.

Prickle Fuzz

The Prickle Fuzz is a knobless, twin foot switched fuzz pedal. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with your guitar's volume and tone controls and pickup selection. It produces a fuzz which has lively upper harmonic enrichment and a robust bass response that cleans up well by rolling off your guitar's volume. With the guitar's volume turned all the way up it can create an octavia like effect with a sizzling top end. With the prickle switch engaged the texture of the fuzz effect is changed by increasing gain in the input stage of the circuit, upsetting the bias of the output stage while allowing a stronger signal to pass between the two. This gives a more aggressive distortion and enhanced sustain, allowing octave harmonics to develop at lower gain settings with a mild gated effect.

Stickgirl Fuzz – octave fuzz

Based on a classic frequency tripler fuzz circuit, Stickgirl has a lively upper frequency enrichment at low gain settings. Turning up the gain creates a ring mod and octavia like effect with a fat bass response and sizzling top end. Wild and unpredictable on those double stops but roll the guitar's tone off and play single notes for a smoother synth like tone.

Stickman Fuzz – filtered fuzz

Two emitter follower fuzz circuits cascading into a high gain resonant filter for the biggest, most focused fuzz tone you've ever heard. With the filter knob fully clockwise the filter's resonance peak flies above the distortion giving a more classic scooped tone. Roll the filter back down into the upper mids for that resonant loveliness. Bucket loads of fuzzy sustain that cleans up with the guitar's volume for cocked wah like sound.

Zoology - Q filter fuzz

Zoology is available as a hand painted classic wah treadle. Inductorless filter circuit, focused on the mid and high frequencies with a very gentle bass response. With plenty of bass left intact, you can hear a smooth treble boost that's resonant and transparent. Gain, gated fuzz, extra resonance and volume can then be added for some dynamic synth and vocal like effects.


Zoology Nocturnal - Q filter fuzz

An infrared sensor version of the Zoology inductorless filter circuit. Not recommended for use in broad daylight or environments with harsh incandescent lighting. The sensor has a range of about 18" so very long and controlled filter sweeps can be made. In contrast, the width of detection is very narrow allowing very fast and percussive sideways sweeps.

Pink Boost – tremolo

Originally designed for a treadle enclosure, the Pink Boost has the unusual feature of the tremolo effect being able to be turned off by the rate knob. A transparent clean or dirty boost, sliced and diced.

Button Picks – ebony plectra

Hand cut, gouged and shaped ebony teardrop pick. Made in house with a concave and cotton bound gripping surface and slow tapered point. Perfect for any instrument, playing style or string type, offering increased articulation and feel.

Great for recording acoustic instruments due to the low pick noise. And if you're an electric guitar player who likes to plug straight into a dirty amp and ride the volume, then this will help expand your tonal palette. Stitch one on your strap (or your shirt) for emergencies.

Thickness 3mm, Width 20mm, Length 28mm

Button Picks – tin alloy plectra

Hand cast and finished metal pick. Made in house from a jewellery grade 92% tin alloy which has the perfect balance of softness and durability. Kinder to your instrument and strings than most metal picks while still retaining volumes of presence and attack. Concave and cotton bound gripping surface and slow tapered point. Perfect for any instrument or playing style, offering increased articulation and feel.

Stitch one on your strap (or your shirt) for emergencies or hang one around your neck.

Teardrop - Thickness 3mm, Width 20mm, Length 28mm

Standard - Thickness 3mm, Width 25mm, Length 30mm